The group 'THE BOYZ' (SANGYEON, JACOB, YOUNGHOON, HYUNJAE, JUYEON, KEVIN, NEW, Q, JU HAKNYEON, SUNWOO, ERIC), who made a stunning debut in December 2017, has solidified their position as a representative K-pop artist loved both domestically and globally since their debut. They have released hit songs like 'THRILL RIDE,' 'REVEAL,' and 'The Stealer.' After successfully completing their second world tour in 12 major cities in Asia last year, THE BOYZ continued their shining career. In November of the same year, they set a new personal record for first-week album sales with their 2nd full-length album 'PHANTASY' Pt.2 'Sixth Sense.' They have proven their fervent global popularity. THE BOYZ, with their ongoing success, plan to meet fans worldwide through various activities throughout the coming year.