'ZEROBASEONE (ZB1)' is a multinational 5th generation K-pop boy group consisting of nine members (KIM GYUVIN, KIM JIWOONG, KIM TAERAE, RICKY, PARK GUNWOOK, SEOK MATTHEW, SUNG HANBIN, ZHANG HAO, HAN YUJIN), chosen by star creators from 184 countries and regions through Mnet's 'Boys Planet.' The team name 'ZEROBASEONE' signifies the radiant beginning of the nine members, starting from zero (0) and reaching one (1). It also embodies the free journey 'ZEROBASEONE' will embark on from the incomplete 0 to 1, along with the commitment of the members to share this journey with their fan club 'ZEROSE' (official fan club name). They achieved the 'Double Million Seller' status with their debut album 'YOUTH IN THE SHADE' released in July last year and their second mini-album 'MELTING POINT' released in November. Within just six months of debut, they secured a total of 12 trophies, including 7 rookie awards at prominent domestic award ceremonies, marking a new history in K-pop.